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Is “Direct Buy” Cheaper for You?

Just about anyone old enough to know how to use money is looking for the “best deal,” however defined at that moment. The best deal usually means getting more than expected for a certain outlay of money, or paying much less than the stated price for an item or service. Anyone who has been to… Read More »

Managing by Encouragement

Introduction At the risk of offending all business professors, management/leadership consultants and others who recognize differences between “leadership” and “management,” the title of this paper was chosen arbitrarily, because, in this case, one can lead or manage by encouragement. The concept works in either case – if handled properly. As with most concepts, exceptions are… Read More »

Can A Team Succeed Without A Good Leader?

June 2009 Introduction The first and immediate response to this question is usually “No.” However, there are some situations in which a team may experience success on a regular basis even though the team leader is regarded as “not the best.” How can this be? At least six factors can make this possible, whether prevailing… Read More »

Survey Sense

No, this is not a survey of “sense,” but an introduction to the nature and purposes of surveys that can be conducted by or for businesses and other organizations.  In this case, the surveys in question pertain primarily to those that are conducted to ascertain the attitudes of people at work or in other situations,… Read More »

Touched By Love

For those who have been without a “full cup” of love for much of their lives, even seemingly small kindnesses, acts of graciousness and otherwise unexpected, uplifting events or words are recognizable as being special “Touches of Love” allowed or wrought by the hand of God.

Sylvia Hadinger’s book, Touched By Love, shows various ways in which God has touched her life through people and circumstances that God has allowed to come into her life.

Saving Money Sensibly

This book is unlike any other “money-saving” book that you may have read. After changing your thinking, beliefs, attitudes and activities, it provides some very practical “Why didn’t I think of that?” ways to cut cost and save money.

You will learn how the advertisers and their commercials have smoothly converted “wants” to “needs,” digging deeper into your pockets while you held them open.