Controllers & Rollers: Do You Control Or Roll?

By | November 8, 2013

Do you control or roll in relationships at work, home and elsewhere?

As one reviewer said,

“…most readers will see themselves, friends and relatives as they read the characteristics of these two personality types.”

Controllers & Rollers: Do Control Or Roll? gives readers insights into why and how they talk and act as they do in relationships at home, work and otherwise.

The oft-destructive behavior of controllers and the negative responses of rollers, who usually give in during most confrontations with others, will help readers to assess and adjust their own counterproductive behaviors toward the end of living more productive and happy lives.

What sets Controllers & Rollers apart from other books that deal primarily with control-type personalities is that this book gives attention to the roller in the equation. It is also a self-help book written in plain language to reach all levels of people socially, educationally and professionally. Defensive responses of rollers to offensive tactics of controllers are reviewed.

Controllers & Rollers provides insight into why some have a “need” to control others. It makes a clear distinction between controllership and leadership. In the business world, this book will have a definite impact on CEOs, managers, supervisors, human resources directors and employees in general, where performance improvement efforts often fail when control is confused with leadership. This has a very negative effect on communication, productivity and profits.

Paul Hadinger explains how and why – starting with some basic similarities – controllers and rollers begin to go separate directions through childhood experiences that often leave them marked, scarred and channeled toward being controllers or rollers. He draws upon his own experiences not only as a husband and father, but as a manager with proven success in turnaround management; as a consultant to the private and public sectors in the human resources area; and as a youth leader and adult teacher.

Beginning with how and why people become controllers or rollers, Hadinger presents the strengths, fears, self-deceptions, characteristics, positive and negative points, types of controllers and rollers and how they interact with each other at home, work and elsewhere. He concludes with some practical self-help steps for both controllers and rollers to improve their relationships with others.

The author has written and presented seminars here and abroad and has taught at the university level. He has also written and published books on politics, entrepreneurship and finances, as well as articles on management, human resources and performance improvement. He is the recipient of numerous public relations awards.

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