Saving Money Sensibly

By | November 8, 2013

Move From “Bucks For Bondage” To Stress Relief!

This book is unlike any other “money-saving” book that you may have read. After changing your thinking, beliefs, attitudes and activities, it provides some very practical “Why didn’t I think of that?” ways to cut cost and save money.

You will learn how the advertisers and their commercials have smoothly converted “wants” to “needs,” digging deeper into your pockets while you held them open.

After reading this book, you will have the opportunity to “win a few” against the “big boys” and the “big girls” who have been talking you into things that you didn’t need and out of hard – earned money that you need more than they do.

Many retailers, insurance companies, telephone companies, advertisers and salespeople will hate this book! Why? Their tactics, cover-ups, “word games” and “con games” that they use in their “bucks for bondage” campaigns to empty your wallet for their benefit will be exposed!

This book is your start for financial freedom, flexibility and your chance for STRESS RELIEF. You will get the tools, the steps and a new way of thinking about handling money that will give you “more money and more fun”

The immediate and lifetime benefits of the ideas in this book can amount to thousands, tens of thousands, and perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars for you. You can do this by making just a few changes here and there that save or make you money instead of cost you money.

…the investment in the purchase of this book will be recouped in a matter if days simply by putting some if the suggestions into practice.

–John Howell, Jr.

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Saving Money Sensibly

By Paul E. Hadinger

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