Touched By Love

By | November 8, 2013

Has your Life Been “Touched By Love?”

Batesville, Mississippi – If you don’t believe that you have ever been “Touched By Love,” it may be because your life has been full of love from young to old – perhaps with such “touches” not being very apparent to you or just being taken for granted. It might also be because you do not feel worthy of love and that you find ways to reject or ignore it. And, it may also be because your relationship with God – or the lack of it – has, for the moment, made you less sensitive to “Touches of Love” from God.

For those who have been without a “full cup” of love for much of their lives, even seemingly small kindnesses, acts of graciousness and otherwise unexpected, uplifting events or words are recognizable as being special “Touches of Love” allowed or wrought by the hand of God.

Sylvia Hadinger’s book, Touched By Love, shows various ways in which God has touched her life through people and circumstances that God has allowed to come into her life. It also shows how being sensitive to God’s call and direction were instrumental in knowing when and how God touched her life.

Reading this book cannot but help others to begin to reflect upon ways in which God has touched their lives as well. It will assist all readers in becoming more sensitive to what God may be attempting to accomplish in their lives.

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Touched by Love

By Sylvia Hadinger

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